What is Automation?

Automation helps you manage sales, handle the everyday processes of your business, and maintain relationships with your clients––on autopilot!

More than that, automation means standardizing quality across customized paths in your customers’ journeys. It means minimizing human error in the work that runs your business. It means always swift, professional communication that has a personal feel.

In other words, automation is a way to provide a better experience to yourself and your clients while saving time and money.

Why Automate?

Save TIME & Money

By automating, you’ll free up the time you spend re-writing routine emails, keeping track of your customers and sales, and handling the ongoing work that keeps your business running. Automation picks up the heavy lifting for all of these tasks individually and handles the ways they intersect and affect each other.

Not sure what you’ve sent a customer or what services they’ve purchased from you? An automated system doesn’t just do this work; it also keeps track of everything it’s doing and makes that information easily available to you.

With an automated system you save the time it would take to manually do this work (and more) and the money it would take to pay someone else to help do it.


Have you ever lost a customer you forgot to respond to? Ever worried you missed a lead who clicked on your offer but didn’t buy?

With an automated system, you don’t have to worry about these missed opportunities.

We can set your system to respond to every customer or to remind you to do so when it’s time to put the process back into your own hands. You can even have it send customized messages to leads who view a certain offer, schedule a consultation, or leave products in their cart––or who engage with you in so many other ways.

In other words, your automated system will remember to reach out or follow up every time.

Build Better Relationships

Through automation, you can create a customer experience that is standardized and consistent but still feels personal.

The key to this balance is segmentation: you can create separate email campaigns that your system will automatically send to customers and leads when they do certain actions or engage with you certain ways.

By segmenting your contacts and campaigns, you can provide everyone their own experience and still sure the core of that always maintains the same level of quality and focus.

This way, your customers walk away feeling personally attended to and you walk away knowing they will always get the core quality you want to give.

Automate Your Marketing & Sales

Through automation, you can create prebuilt email sequences that target specific leads and customers based on their interactions with your platform. By setting building these sequences around the behaviors they target, you can make them feel personalized without having to reinvent them for every person you interact with.

  • Build email nurture sequences to introduce new leads to your services and their unique value

  • Set emails to automatically follow up with leads who purchase your services—or who abandon their carts

  • Automatically collect data on the ways your audience interacts with you to identify especially strong leads or unsatisfied customers

Automate Your Business Operations

Put your routine but vital administrative work into the hands of software that does the job efficiently and accurately every time.

  • Get automatically created tasks to remind you exactly who to follow up with and when

  • Automate billing and invoicing to keep your process swift and efficient no matter how busy you are

  • Collect recurring payments and subscriptions without having to think about it

Endless Automation Possibilities

With the right software, you can automate more functions of your business than you ever thought possible. If you can think of it, you can probably automate it.

  • Capture more leads by offering free content

  • Nurture your leads by automatically sending them relevant information

  • Welcome a new customer

  • Set a framework for your sales pipeline and automate it to make sure no one slips through the cracks

  • Send order confirmations, receipts, and invoices

  • Automatically charge customers for subscription products & services

  • Let your customers know if their payment information was declined

  • Automatically follow up with your leads

  • Remind your leads and clients of their upcoming appointments

  • Get in touch after a purchase to request a review or testimonial

  • Remind your leads about their abandoned carts

  • Follow up with past clients to generate repeat business

  • Schedule appointments with your clients

  • Focus on your hottest leads

  • Stay engaged with prospects who aren’t ready to buy (yet)

  • Ask customers for referrals